March 9-24, 2018


Where did we come from?  How did life begin?  How did we go from just a collection of atoms and molecules way back when the Earth was first formed, to living creatures that can walk, talk, breathe, think and do just about anything?

The NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution is on a mission to figure that out.  The scientists in our Center are looking closely at those simple molecules that may have been on the early Earth – watching how they combine and react and looking for clues to how life may have begun and evolved over time.  They are finding that evolution happens from the ground-up, starting with molecules.  The complicated molecules in our body had to have started from simpler building blocks on the early earth and then evolved and grown into the complex structures that help us be living beings.

Come learn more about this at some of our events during the Atlanta Science Festival including: The Encyclopedia Show: Origins of Life, Molecular Music, Story Collider, Group Intelligence, and Overlaps in Arts & Sciences.